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Editorial Feedback   

We are excited to announce that we will now be offering editorial feedback on submitted work!


We are two creative writing masters students and we would like to use our time and experience to help other aspiring writers improve and work on their craft. If you have been wondering what you could do to improve a piece of flash fiction or poetry, consider submitting it to the form below to hear back from us. We are only able to give feedback on work that you have already submitted to our current issue at this time.

A small reminder that all feedback is subjective, and what works for us may not necessarily work for someone else. Also, we would like to state that receiving feedback does not automatically mean that your piece will be accepted into the current issue. We just want to offer our services out to people in the hopes that we might help!


As artists and writers ourselves, and we know that writing often doesn’t pay the bills alone. Burnt Breakfast is a new, small magazine with big goals, but in order to reach those goals we unfortunately must charge a small fee for our editing services. Our prices are: £4 for one piece, £5 for two and £6 for three pieces.


We want to be completely transparent about where this money is going and what you will be contributing towards should you choose to use this service. Any money earned through our Editorial Feedback service will be placed into a secure account and used to hopefully create a paper edition of Burnt Breakfast at the end of the year! This is one of our long-term goals, and to be able to accomplish this would be extraordinary.


Using this service is super easy! When filling out the form below, please copy and paste the entire piece into the box entitled ‘Your Work’, include your email address (please ensure you enter the same email as your PayPal email) and the number of pieces submitted, and that’s it!


We aim to get your feedback to you within seven days of receipt.

Healthy Breakfast
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