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Epstein Didn't Kill Himself | By Eileen Lynch

Sometimes I forget I’m a diva

then I end up in line for some

basement bar bathroom behind

three Jewish girls clutching

rum punch and Purell.

And the stall has wet garbage

paper maiche’d to the floor,

black limbic graffiti

inch to ass cross the door ––


a paperclip tells me.

I contemplate adding another one:

restock the TP you whores :)


Eileen is a queer poet and fiction writer based in Vermont. She’s also a waitress, grant writer, freelance editor, ghostwriter, former political operative, and miscellaneous participant in the gig economy. Her poetry explores self, space, and placement, often through brevity and elements of the grotesque. Eileen’s poetry has appeared in Mt. Island. Her prose and political ghostwriting has appeared in The Washington Post, the Virginian Pilot, Medium, and on various platforms for over a dozen candidates and nonprofit organizations.

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