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Facebook Banner Upload | By Deryck N. Robertson

Today I changed the cover picture on my Facebook profile like I’ve done dozens of times before sunsets, and blue lakes cartoons, and photos of times forgotten (until I am reminded of them one year, two years, three years from now by some algorithm) white birch trees Photoshopped into grainy and moody black and white (Because who shoots actual B&W anymore?) 851 x 315 pixels to get a point across, to make you laugh, or to suggest that my life is somewhat better than yours on a Wednesday morning at the end of May


Deryck N. Robertson lives and creates in Peterborough, Ontario, where he is an elementary teacher. His work has appeared online with Bird, Buried Press, Underwood Press, and in Wunderlit Magazine.  He can usually be found in Algongquin Park with his family of paddlers.  His two self-published zines can be found in recycling bins and lining upscale bird cages near you.

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