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FULL ENGLISH | By Megan Rebecca

she grabbed the butter knife

at breakfast

spread jam thin

across dry toast

walked to school with mum

hugged her before she left

learned how to write

cat in class

jam sandwiches

in little triangles for lunch

the bloody sauce got

on her jumper again

learned how to throw

a bean bag into a hoop in P.E.

teacher asked her

how she got the bruises

went home with mum

fishfingers and baked beans for tea

dad’s been drinking since 12

flinched when he yelled at her again

felt her skinny legs

turn to jelly

as dad told her

to go upstairs

reached down her throat

to the bottom

of her rib cage

to stop herself from screaming

pulled back her scalp in bed

poked chubby fingers

into her brain

switched herself off

grabbed the butter knife

at breakfast

spread a smile

across her face before school

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