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Laundry Day | By Florence Dunnington

It’s two thirty on a Sunday afternoon.

The neighbours have hung their washing out,

three white shirts dangling in a row.

All clipped up, collars-down, and swaying in

the wind, like trapeze artists.

They remind me of bleached white incisors.

I want to go out and shake hands with them.

As I sit and sip my tea, the

sun gets caught on the underside of a gull’s wing.

It pitches haphazardly, the breeze careening

it about. It flies off –

I should really get back to work.


Florence Dunington is a third year Creative Writing and English Literature student at the University of Chester. She’s been an editor for the University’s creative writing magazine, Pandora’s Box, which proved an excellent experience and a chance to be bossy, so ultimately she loved it. She writes stories of all lengths, but has a penchant for poetry.

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