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Little World | Matt Mellor

That noise! Constant. Deafening. Vibrating everything around me, the whole world shakes with the sound. There’s simply no way of coping. Believe me, I’ve tried: hiding under things, inside things, even constantly moving. But there’s nothing and nowhere that totally escapes the bellow.

Once, I managed to take the edge off – I poked my head above the surface. I tried to get as much of my body out as I could and for a moment, despite the suffocation, there was a degree of respite. Now, suffering sweetens that memory and I have to stave off thoughts of throwing myself up and out of my world. But it’s a battle I’m losing.

It’s not the solitude – though I am alone – the noise of the filter is too much to bare. Someday soon I will leave my world. Fighting and failing to breathe will be worth it for the peace and silence.


Matt Mellor is a writer and poet from Powys, Mid-Wales, who writes to understand the human condition and to feed an open mind. His experiences with mental health influence much of his work and he has over ten individual publishing credits.

You can find more of his work:


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