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Observations of a Myrmecologist | By Ryan Summerbell

22:06:32 - 11/22/2063 - Dr Davis McTavish

Myrmecology Research Centre - Canada

Day 126

…Despite now outnumbering the solider ants 3 to 1, the workers ants do not appear to have developed any sense of independence outside of duty. The additional workers that I introduced three weeks ago seem to have integrated themselves seamlessly into the societal structure, working noticeably harder than their indigenous neighbours; this could be seen as a form of compensating behaviour as they have not contributed as much to the society as those that were born in colony. The Queen does not seem to have acknowledged this additional work, nor given any indication that the immigrated workers are any different from her own offspring. If this is the case, could it be indicated that the work of an ant is the only thing by which it is evaluated, pulling one’s own weight so to speak is the only true path to acceptance amongst the culture…

34:112:01 - 2331/342/01110101 01101110 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 01101110

Sector Z2 - Human Research Vessel

Subject 113-A - Designation: Davis McTavish [Dr]

Day 36 of Observation

…The human continues their fascination with the tiny lifeforms of their planet. Despite the vast advancements in warfare humanity still continues to surprise, studying things that would typically be expected to be beneath their notice. Instead Subject 113-A seems to have dedicated the entirety of their relatively short lifespan to the study of the creatures known as ‘Ants’. This study, while currently obscure in its usefulness, seems to be something the subject values above all else, even at the expense of their social obligations.

Subject 114-A, known as [Dr] Patricia McTavish, still has not returned to their shared domicile from what appears to be an extended ‘holiday’ of sorts, staying with a foreign subject designated by the study as 114-B. The loud and erratic exchange between the two before the departure would appear to be some kind of separation tradition, as many of the currently observed subjects have demonstrated the same tradition in their own fashions. While this social behaviour is still unknown, it would seem that Subject 113-A has determined to continue the ‘Ants’ research.

The vessel recommends continued observation of Subject 113-A as the study may prove useful in the Alliance’s own observations of Sector Z2 and further understanding of the human race…


Ryan Summerbell is a newly starting PhD student, working on his doctorate in English and Creative Writing studies at Teeside university. He can usually be found exploring bookshops for hidden gems or sitting in a cafe with a coffee and newly purchased read. His twitter page of @Knoxalgia is usually where he posts some of his more succinct ideas or small snippets of anything he is currently working on. Having been published a couple of times previously in collections, Ryan is keen to dive deeper into the writing world and have his work read by as many as possible.

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