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The Gambler | By J. Manuel Ayala

I see god as the ultimate gambler

I see him as a R. Crumb comic, wearing a gray tweed suit with mustard

And ketchup stains on his slacks, reeking of stale wine and cigarette smoke.

He’s at a horse track races on a Tuesday morning

Neck tie is loosened up and his hair is all sloppy

“I’m all in!” he yells

“All in on that one, the one with the Jerusalem cruisers, Jesus, yeah Jesus!”

He holds his ticket now as he watches the jumbo screen.

Jesus has taken the lead

But here comes the devil riding his six fairly close.. too close

Tempting him, and now they’re neck and neck


The last stretch before the finish line,

God in total distress now.

God the ultimate gambler, you don’t believe me?

Ask Job.


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