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The Rabbit | By Sadie Maskery

The Christmas that she left,

Dad took me to the market.

I need to see a man, he said,

look after yourself. There was

slush numbing my feet, my fingers

whined with the hurt of it,

fumbling at toys on the stalls.

One had soft teddies, button eyes,

and a rabbit dumped near the back -

the ear had snagged on a stitch

so it hung askew. I touched

its nose and wished it a happy home.

Wandered for another hour,

icy jeans slapping against my calves

then he turned the corner, said,

right. We're out. Cheeks mottled,

no more chat, and he hit the whisky

that night. On Christmas day

he said gruffly, here, this is for you.

I tore back the paper and there,

wonky eared, was the rabbit I had loved.

I'm sorry, I whispered, I'm so sorry.

An old stuffed bunny rabbit teddy, lain on a white duvet
Photograph provided by Sadie Maskery

Sadie Maskery (Twitter @saccharinequeen ) lives in Scotland by the sea with her family and too many cats. She was a singer until March 2020 but now she is not quite sure what she is.

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