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How to Submit

SUBMISSION PERIOD for 'Issue Three' : 1st-22nd JANUARY. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with current work being published.

Burnt Breakfast is free to submit and consists of entirely unsolicited submissions (meaning anyone can submit!). You must be at least 16 to submit. 

As Burnt Breakfast works in tangent with social media we only publish one piece of work per author, per issue. However, we invite you to submit up to three pieces of unpublished work with the knowledge that we will only choose one to publish.

Burnt Breakfast  pairs images with written work to share it across social media. Therefore, should you have your own photograph or art work you wish to submit that pairs well with your work, we invite you to submit it alongside your piece. However, we have our own copyright free image bank that we can draw from should you not.

Word Limits:
Flash Fiction: 400 words max
Poetry: 40 lines max

Work submitted should be in a word document, titled with your name. If you are sending in multiple submissions (no more than three) they must be in the same document, with each new piece (poem or flash), on a new page. Your name must not appear anywhere on the document other than in the file name.

Submit your work to our email, title it with ‘SUBMISSION’ and include a short bio about yourself in the 3rd person, no longer than 100 words, along with, should you so desire, your preferred social media handles (Twitter and Instagram work best though we are available on Facebook), so if your work is accepted we can share it with you and your followers.

All work must be original and previously un-published.

Everything that is submitted will be considered equally, regardless of your age, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity or current level of education, so everyone has a fair chance at being included.


There is no preference to which medium you choose to submit; Burnt Breakfast is intended to be as equally weighted as possible. Anything submitted must not have been previously published in another magazine or in print. If you've sent your work into multiple places and are about to get it published on another site or magazine, please let us know in advance to make it fair to other submissions that have not been published elsewhere.​

Burnt Breakfast is a free magazine. Therefore, we cannot offer payments for submissions.

          - Georgia and Meg

We hope to be hearing from you soon.

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